The easy way to monitor and manage your workforce. Track your assets within a meter accuracy. React to changes immediately and turn data into revenue.

Track everything from one convenient portal.

  • Enjoy the best mapping on the market.
  • Track and manage multiple assets, create groups and filters for custom viewing.
  • View streets and buildings in 360°at every point of the track.

Receive instant alerts for important events on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Choose the conditions that trigger an alert such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, etc. and who receives it.

Cutting edge business intelligence dashboard. Real-time engine performance, ignition status, connectivity, battery level and more.

  • OBD2 & CAN Mileage
  • Engine hours and odometer
  • Connection status
  • Maintenance
  • Street View
  • DTC error codes

Quick access to information from any time period or from any event puts you in the driver's seat.

  • Historical trip playback
  • Speed controls
  • Detailed start/stop times
  • Statistics

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